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Hawaii Five-0
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Elenco Episodi

Prima Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 Cocoon Cocoon
2 Full fathom five Sotto copertura
3 Strangers in Our Own Land Straniero in patria
4 Tiger by the Tail Padre e figlio
5 Samurai Samurai
6 ...And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin Una prova per Danny
7 Twenty-Four Karat Kill Omicidio a 24 carati
8 The Ways of Love Le vie dell'amore
9 No Blue Skies Senza fortuna
10 By the Numbers Solo numeri
11 Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born Vendetta
12 Deathwatch Il testimone
13 Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember Prega ama ricorda
14 King of the Hill Il re della collina
15 Up Tight L'ultimo viaggio
16 Face of the Dragon Il volto del drago
17 The Box La gabbia
18 One for the Money Non c'è due senza tre
19 Along Came Joey Il campione
20 Once Upon a Time (Part 1) C'era una volta (1^ parte)
21 Once Upon a Time (Part 2) C'era una volta (2^ parte)
22 Not That Much Different La pace contesa
23 Six Kilos Sei chili
24 The Big Kahuna Il Grande Kahuna

Seconda Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 A Thousand Pardons - You're Dead! Mille scuse, sei morto
2 To Hell with Babe Ruth All'inferno con Babe Ruth
3 Forty Feet High and It Kills! Un vecchio nemico
4 Just Lucky, I Guess Solo fortuna, in fondo
5 Savage Sunday Una domenica selvaggia
6 A Bullet for McGarrett Un proiettile per McGarrett
7 Sweet Terror Dolce terrore
8 King Kamehameha Blues Il mantello del re
9 Singapore File Il caso Ravasco
10 All the King's Horses Tutti i cavalli del re
11 Leopard on the Rock Il tiranno
12 The Devil and Mr. Frog Il riscatto
13 The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild! Giochi pericolosi
14 Which Way Did They Go? Dove sono finiti?
15 Blind Tiger Amara sorpresa
16 Bored She Hung Herself -
17 Run, Johnny, Run Corri, Johnny, corri
18 Killer Bee L'ape assassina
19 The One with the Gun L'uomo con la pistola
20 Cry, Lie Bugie
21 Most Likely to Murder Troppo giovane per morire
22 Nightmare Road Una trappola per Royce
23 Three Dead Cows at Makapuu (Part 1) Batterio Killer (1^ parte)
24 Three Dead Cows at Makapuu (Part 2) Batterio Killer (2^ parte)
25 Kiss the Queen Goodbye La Regina della Polinesia

Terza Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 And a Time to Die... E un tempo per morire
2 Trouble in Mind Il canto del cigno
3 The Second Shot Il secondo colpo
4 Time and Memories Vecchi ricordi
5 The Guarnerius Caper Un prezioso Guarneri
6 The Ransom Doppio sequestro
7 Force of Waves Ombre dal passato
8 The Reunion Il raduno
9 The Late John Louisiana John Louisiana
10 The Last Eden L'ultimo paradiso
11 Over Fifty? Steal Il trasformista
12 Beautiful Screamer Il poema dell'assassino
13 The Payoff La resa dei conti
14 The Double Wall Corsa contro il tempo
15 Paniolo Paniolo
16 Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart Il grande colpo
17 To Kill or Be Killed Uccidere o morire
18 F.O.B. Honolulu (Part 1) Matrici perfette (1^ parte)
19 F.O.B. Honolulu (Part 2) Matrici perfette (2^ parte)
20 The Gunrunner Il trafficante d'armi
21 Dear Enemy Un caro nemico
22 The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney Il prigioniero modello
23 The Grandstand Play (Part 1) Omicidio allo stadio (1^ parte)
24 The Grandstand Play (Part 2) Omicidio allo stadio (2^ parte)

Quarta Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 Highest Castle, Deepest Grave Il caso Mondrago
2 No Bottles... No Cans... No People L'organizzazione
3 Wednesday, Ladies Free Mercoledì, signore gratis
4 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu Operazione Honolulu
5 Two Doves and Mr. Heron Un'insolita giornata
6 And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots Proiettili e caramelle
7 Air Cargo.. Dial for Murder La rete
8 For a Million... Why Not? Per un milione... perché no?
9 The Burning Ice Un caso scottante
10 Rest in Peace, Somebody La chiave misteriosa
11 A Matter of Mutual Concern Affari di famiglia
12 Nine, Ten... You're Dead Nove, dieci... sei morto
13 Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise Paradiso perduto
14 Odd Man In Un piano quasi perfetto
15 Bait Once, Bait Twice Doppia esca
16 The Ninety-Second War (Part 1) Novanta secondi (1^ parte)
17 The Ninety-Second War (Part 2) Novanta secondi (2^ parte)
18 Skinhead Verità e bugie
19 While You're at It, Bring in the Moon Il caso Hilliard
20 Cloth of Gold Il panno d'oro
21 Good Night, Baby, Time to Die Notte piccola... è ora di morire
22 Didn't We Meet at a Murder? Delitto a tre
23 Follow the White Brick Road Missione a bordo
24 R & R & R Congedi... mortali

Quinta Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 Death Is a Company Policy  
2 Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain  
3 You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich, But It Helps  
4 Pig in a Blanket  
5 The Jinn Who Clears the Way  
6 Fools Die Twice  
7 Chain of Events  
8 Journey Out of Limbo  
9 "V" for Vashon: The Son  
10 "V" for Vashon: The Father  
11 "V" for Vashon: The Patriarch  
12 The Clock Struck Twelve  
13 I'm a Family Crook... Don't Shoot!  
14 The Child Stealers  
15 Thanks for the Honeymoon  
16 The Listener  
17 Here Today, Gone Tonight  
18 The Odd Lot Caper  
19 Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?  
20 Little Girl Blue  
21 Percentage  
22 Engaged to Be Buried  
23 The Diamond That Nobody Stole  
24 Jury of One  

Sesta Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 Hookman  
2 Draw Me a Killer  
3 Charter for Death  
4 One Big Happy Family  
5 The Sunday Torch  
6 Murder Is a Taxing Affair  
7 Tricks Are Not Treats  
8 Why Wait Until Uncle Kevin Dies?  
9 Flash of Color, Flash of Death  
10 A Bullet for El Diablo  
11 The Finishing Touch  
12 Anybody Can Build a Bomb  
13 Try to Die on Time  
14 The $100,000 Nickel  
15 The Flip Side Is Death  
16 Banzai Pipeline  
17 One Born Every Minute  
18 Secret Witness  
19 Death with Father  
20 Murder with a Golden Touch  
21 Nightmare in Blue  
22 Mother's Deadly Helper  
23 Killer at Sea  
24 30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key  

Settima Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 The Young Assassins  
2 A Hawaiian Nightmare  
3 I'll Kill 'Em Again  
4 Steal Now... Pay Later  
5 Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?  
6 Right Grave, Wrong Body  
7 We Hang Our Own  
8 The Two-Faced Corpse  
9 How to Steal a Masterpiece  
10 A Gun for McGarrett  
11 Welcome to Our Branch Office  
12 Presenting... in the Center Ring... Murder  
13 Hara-Kiri: Murder  
14 Bones of Contention  
15 Computer Killer  
16 A Woman's Work Is with a Gun  
17 Small Witness, Large Crime  
18 Ring of Life  
19 A Study in Rage  
20 And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon  
21 Hit Gun for Sale  
22 The Hostage  
23 Diary of a Gun  
24 6,000 Deadly Tickets  

Ottava Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 Murder: Eyes Only  
2 McGarrett Is Missing  
3 Termination with Extreme Prejudice  
4 Target? the Lady  
5 Death's Name Is Sam  
6 The Case Against McGarrett  
7 The Defector  
8 Sing a Song of Suspense  
9 Retire in Sunny Hawaii... Forever  
10 How to Steal a Submarine  
11 The Waterfront Steal  
12 Honor Is an Unmarked Grave  
13 A Touch of Guilt  
14 Wooden Model of a Rat  
15 Deadly Persuasion  
16 Legacy of Terror  
17 Loose Ends Get Hit  
18 Anatomy of a Bribe  
19 Turkey Shoot at Makapuu  
20 A Killer Grows Wings  
21 The Capsule Kidnapping  
22 Love Thy Neighbor... Take His Wife  
23 A Sentence to Steal  

Nona Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 Nine Dragons  
2 Assault on the Palace  
3 Oldest Profession... Latest Price  
4 Man on Fire  
5 Tour de Force... Killer Aboard  
6 The Last of the Great Paperhangers  
7 Heads, You're Dead  
8 Let Death Do Us Part  
9 Double Exposure  
10 Yes, My Deadly Daughter  
11 Target... A Cop  
12 The Bells Toll at Noon  
13 Man in a Steel Frame  
14 Ready... Aim...  
15 Elegy in a Rain Forest  
16 Dealer's Choice... Blackmail  
17 A Capitol Crime  
18 To Die in Paradise  
19 Blood Money Is Hard to Wash  
20 To Kill a Mind  
21 Requiem for a Saddle Bronc Rider  
22 See How She Runs  
23 Practical Jokes Can Kill You  

Decima Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 Up the Rebels  
2 You Don't See Many Pirates These Days  
3 The Cop on the Cover  
4 The Friends of Joey Kalima  
5 The Descent of the Torches  
6 The Ninth Step  
7 Shake Hands with the Man on the Moon  
8 Deadly Doubles  
9 Deep Cover  
10 Tsunami  
11 East Wind... Ill Wind  
12 Tread the King's Shadow  
13 The Big Aloha  
14 A Short Walk on the Longshore  
15 The Silk Trap  
16 Head to Head  
17 Tall on the Wave  
18 Angel in Blue  
19 When Does a War End?  
20 Invitation to Murder  
21 Frozen Assets  
22 My Friend, the Enemy  
23 A Stranger in His Grave  
24 A Death in the Family  

Undicesima Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 The Sleeper  
2 Horoscope for Murder  
3 Deadly Courier  
4 The Case Against Philip Christie  
5 Small Potatoes  
6 A Distant Thunder  
7 Death Mask  
8 The Pagoda Factor  
9 A Long Time Ago  
10 Why Won't Linda Die?  
11 The Miracle Man  
12 Number One with a Bullet (Part 1)  
13 Number One with a Bullet (Part 2)  
14 The Meighan Conspiracy  
15 The Spirit Is Willie  
16 The Bark and the Bite  
17 Stringer  
18 The Execution File  
19 A Very Personal Matter  
20 The Skyline Killer  
21 The Year of the Horse  

Dodidesima Stagione
n. Titolo originale Titolo italiano
1 A Lion in the Streets  
2 Who Says Cops Don't Cry?  
3 Though the Heavens Fall  
4 Sign of the Ram  
5 Good Help Is Hard to Find  
6 Image of Fear  
7 Use a Gun, Go to Hell  
8 Voice of Terror  
9 A Shallow Grave  
10 The Kahuna  
11 Labyrinth  
12 School for Assassins  
13 For Old Times Sake  
14 The Golden Noose  
15 The Flight of the Jewels  
16 Clash of Shadows  
17 A Bird in Hand...  
18 The Moroville Covenant  
19 Woe to Wo Fat  

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